I’ll be the first to admit it… I am not a reader. I read the following things: cook books, recipes, menus, things written on Starbucks cups (that’s really the best way to reach me), the blurbs written under the things people pin on Pinterest, health, restaurant, and fitness blogs, Buzzfeed, and food labels. I only look at the pictures in Magazines so I can’t even count those. My point is… if I am going to read something it better be damn well worth my time.

IMG_20150325_192035This evening I came home from work to find this gem sitting on the counter. My mom had been cleaning out the office and found some older books I’d honestly never seen. I’m not going to lie it was the title that caught my eye. Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer by Chef Sanford D’Amato. AKA I thought it was a cook book. More information can be found here –> ( I won’t lie to you, I didn’t and I won’t read it from start to finish. What I did get out of it was some great recipes and a little bit about Milwaukee history I didn’t know. Plus it begins with a Julia Child quote, no woman in their right mind should ever disregard anything that begins with a quote from Julia Child.

Here are the highlights:

Sanford (Sandy) D’Amato was raised in Milwaukee. His Grandfather and Father owned D’Amato’s Grocery Store on 1547 N. Jackson St. Milwaukee, WI. D’Amato opened Sanford restaurant in 1989 after going to thirteen banks to try to get the money to open it up at the location of his family store. D’Amato no longer owns Sanford, rather his Chef de Cuisine does these days.

Why you should care:

Do you like the Coquette Cafe? La Reve? Braise? All of these Milwaukee staples are owned by chefs that passed through Sanford’s doors during D’Amato’s glory days and worked under the man himself.

The moral of the story:

Pick up the book, read a few great recipes, learn a bit about Milwaukee and for gosh sakes go eat at Sanford. I know I am.


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