How We See MKE: Katelyn Carlisle of Jettset Local

“I have a friend & co-worker Haley who moved here from Vermont. She always tells me she loves Milwaukee… people are just so friendly here. I hear that a lot about the Midwest in general… people are so friendly and you’ll walk down the street and they say ‘hi’.”

Katelyn Carlisle is exactly what you’d expect from a twenty- something entrepreneur. She’s spunky, driven, and passionate about her product. Katelyn grew up in Kenosha, but now resides in Ozaukee County. She has been her own boss since junior high when she bough her first set of vending machines, then a DJ business in high school. Small business ownership runs in her family too. Her father owns a True Value Hardware store, her sister owns a dance and music studio, and she has family members who are the truest form of Wisconsin small business owners, farmers.

Her latest venture, Jettset Local, began last year with the Foodie Flight and this year came the addition of Fab Flight. Both feature local businesses in Milwaukee and the North Shore. The Foodie Flight passport is filled with deals and steals for local coffee shops, restaurants, and bars; while the Fab Flight contains everything anyone would ever need to feel fabulous! Gym memberships, facials, mani/pedi’s, blow-outs, you name it, she’s thought of it. Both products are total steals: the Foodie Flight, retails for $25, but has a value of $260 and the Fab Flight, retails for $30, and has a value of $1,500. What?!? You better believe it!

When I asked Katelyn about how she chooses businesses to include in the passports, she said it is important that the businesses are local. The only cost to them the businesses is the discounted amount that they cover for patrons who come in to use the passport. I think this is great , for new businesses, especially the family-owned businesses like the ones owned by Katelyn’s family. You don’t have to pay a premium to get your name out there to locals!

Passports from Jettset Local are also available for online fundraisers. Katelyn will create a custom webpage for the fundraiser and the participants can go to and buy the products online. The products will then ship right to the buyer. That sounds pretty easy to me, and is definitely something new and different from the usual magazines and cookie dough fundraisers.

The best place to find Jettset Local’s passports are online and they make a great gift for the foodie in your life, or the one who just loves to look and feel their best. Make sure you swing by Katelyn’s website to see what businesses you could be visiting when you purchase yours!


Have you been on one of Milwaukee Food & City Tours? Up next, my experience on the Christmas Lights and Desserts Tour.

A special thank you to Editor-in- Chief Ciara Beckers for always keeping my grammar in check.


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