How We See MKE: JMatt of Hashtag MKE

“I think it’s an under appreciated city. Small-waukee (running into fellow Milwaukeeans you know) definitely exists.”

If you know Jeff Matthias, you probably fondly refer to him as JMatt. If you’re listening to 103.7 KISS FM on the weekend, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard his voice without even knowing. He’s a man who wears many hats and if you say they aren’t related then you haven’t taken the time to get to know him. He’s got a day job, a few (too many to count) hobbies, and a weekend job. They all play a part in cultivating a life he loves and each utilizes his skills in different ways.

JMatt grew up in Brookfield and spent time in Michigan for his ungrad, participated in City Year in Denver and worked in Madison before returning home to Milwaukee. Madison is where his love of networking began, and upon his return home he found that there was a need here for free events here in Milwaukee.

JMatt’s pride and joy, Hashtag MKE, was born a little over a year ago at Ale Alyslum with four friends chatting about their experiences. It’s  grown to almost fourty attendees at the last event. Hashtag MKE is open to anyone who would like to speak with others who are passionate about social media. It could be about content, new product ideas, specific thoughts on one platform, etc. It takes place each month on a Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm. Easy enough, right? Show up, get a drink, and talk to some people you’ve been casually stalking for months on social media. One thing I think is cool is that it gives me the opportunity to try new places too.

In addition to JMatt’s jobs, side hustles, and organizing monthly Hashtag MKE events, he joined the 22 push up challenge as a way to spread awareness that 22 combat veterans (on average) take their own live each day. The challenge normally only lasts 22 days, but JMatt is on almost day 500! He uses his platform to promote awareness to mental illnesses and to be more open about suicide. This is actually why I first messaged JMatt over a year ago. I found his consistency and transparency incredibly brave. He hopes that he can reach others and serve as a sounding board for anyone who needs him.

Through Hashtag MKE, his time at KISS FM, and his social media presence, JMatt has taken to heart the community that he has cultivated. It isn’t lost on him how special of a thing he’s got going. Do you wanna meet up? Check out the next Hashtag MKE this Thursday, May 10th at the new Sprecher Walker’s Point where I will be serving as an expert on social content creation.

To RSVP, make sure to find the event on Facebook.

 A special thank you to Editor-in- Chief Ciara Beckers for always keeping my grammar in check.


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