Urban Beets Cafe & Juicery

“& everyone has a seat at this table.”

Above are the last words of Urban Beets Café & Juicery’s manifesto. That’s right they don’t just have a slogan or a mission statement they have a manifesto. It includes words like compassionate, empathy, and progress. Words that resonate with almost every human being and most of the time invoke thought.  See it for yourself.


To live their manifesto, Urban Beets gives back to the community with their monthly Paws and Straws fundraising event which happens each month on a Thursday from 5:00-9:00pm. 50% of proceeds go to an organization of their choosing. They also sell eco-straws where 100% of the proceeds goes to the organization.  Pretty cool, huh.

Beside oozing positivity and building community, they are all about serving plant-based foods that are healthy, quality, and eco-friendly.  Their menu is full of colorful, inspired dishes and juices that could turn any meat eater into a vegetarian. Plus, they sling whimsical sake drinks, wine, and beer at their bar.   I tried the Pineapple Mojito and envied the Bloody Mary. I had never tried cold sake before and was pleasantly surprised.

I asked what five things any visitor should know before stepping into Urban Beets:

  1. They make everything from scratch. I mean everything. Cashew Cream Cheese, homemade. Carrot Lox, homemade. Coconut Bacon, homemade.
  2. Every item on their menu is accessible and identifiable. You won’t find any weird soy concoctions here.
  3. Variety is key. Their dishes range from poke’ bowls, to juices, to pizza, to burgers.
  4. Community impact and being environmentally conscious is important. As I mentioned, each month they hold an event for an organization that they believe in.
  5. Their atmosphere is made to relax and hangout. It’s a great place to study, read a book, catch up with a friend or even listen to live music if you catch it.

Urban Beets’ Wauwatosa location opened in August, so now you have two locations to add to your list this weekend. I had the Smokey BLT Burger and the UB Poke Bowl, however, my favorite thing on the menu is the Nutty Nib smoothie bowl.

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How We See MKE: It’s Pamela Kieck

“I think that Milwaukee is a really cool place because there are so many talented people here, there are so many artistic people here. It really is an up and coming city.”



When I first met Pamela, I felt like I had known her my whole life. She was warm and welcoming, but refreshingly authentic. In fact, she actually strives to be that way and believes that authenticity is key to keeping herself grounded. She wants to be inspiring to people and I think she’s doing just that with her brand It’s Pamela Kieck the Diary of a Curvy Fashionista, her fashion column with OnMilwaukee, and her spot on Fox 6.

Pamela grew up in South Milwaukee and is an only child, the apple of her parent’s eye. She grew up rocking the Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, twisty butterfly hair clips, and glitter eye shadow that all of us who were pre-teens in the late 90’s and early 2000’s fondly remember. In high school, her dreams of changing the fashion dynamic to include all body types began. She wrote her first blog in 2013 at the request of her friends who wanted to know what she was wearing. Now, her goal is to make sure that young women feel comfortable in their own skin and to never feel like they can’t wear a trend. Her mission is to spread body positivity while still being healthy. She will let anyone know that you can wear any trend at any size, you just need to know how to dress your body type correctly. “Fashion shouldn’t stop at a size 10.”

Pamela has the State of Wisconsin tattooed on her wrist. If that doesn’t show you how close she holds WI to her heart, I’m not sure what would. Pamela is what I would describe as a Milwaukee socialite, but approachable and down-to-earth. You can find her on any given day or night at different establishments throughout the city. She states, “everyone is pretty nice here (Milwaukee)…I mean you can go to any given bar and end up taking shots with the people next to you. They’re like your best friend for the night. There are such cool little spots all over the city.” She loves exploring the different neighborhoods and she knows that wherever you are headed you can find the spot that meets your wants and needs. A few of her favorites are the Outsider at the Journeyman Hotel, Oak & Oyster, FreshFin Poké, and Miss Cupcake.

Pamela wants people to know that she is open to helping others with their blogs and sharing her journey. When I met with her, she had just left Mount Mary after speaking to a group of fashion students. So if you’re looking for some advice or just to have a chat, add her to your list. Additionally, she is in the midst of her twelve days of giveaways with OnMilwaukee, so if you aren’t following her already and like free stuff – give her a follow!

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How We See MKE: Kayla Tafoya of BeTimeless

“I think of Milwaukee as deep in tradition, where the people are kind and regular. The food and drinks are warm. You can always go out for a nice time.”

I first found Kayla when scouring ETSY for some Wisconsin décor and fell in love with her designs on BeTimeless. Kayla’s adorable pillows, shirts and stationary are immediately recognizable and are a staple in some of my favorite shops, including West Elm Milwaukee, Apricot Lane, The Waxwing, Sparrow Collective, Broadway Paper, Wisconsin Candle Company, The Local Store, and most recently Milwaukee Home. I recently got the privilege to sit down with Kayla to learn more about her business and her life.

Let’s start from the beginning. Kayla and her mom had always wanted to open a small wedding boutique. She was working retail just after graduating college and decided it was the time to begin making their dream a reality.  The name BeTimeless was a nod to weddings and their timelessness.  They received their LLC for BeTimeless and the rest is history.

Although Kayla’s brand has rapidly expanded, her favorite item she’s ever created is her “thanks man” groomsman card which remains a part of her wedding collection. She stated, “it was an easy, simple design, but I have to laugh when grooms ask for them last minute.”

Kayla grew up in the Fond du Lac area and now resides in Wauwatosa. You can find her love for our home state in her designs. She first began printing the State of Wisconsin at the request of a bride for a ring bearer pillow. From there, she posted them on her ETSY which caught the eye of a Wausau store who asked if she would sell them to them at wholesale prices. While telling me the story, Kayla laughed and said “I sold my first pillows for five dollars a piece, can you believe that?”  While she no longer sells her pillows wholesale for five dollars (nor should she), they’ve caught the eye of thousands all over the country. She even ships to Canada!

Kayla describes her brand as bubbly and I have to agree. She has an eye for whimsy and is always exploring new designs to expand her collection. She has new ornaments up for the holiday season in her ETSY shop and a recent new collaboration with Milwaukee Home that she is particularly excited about. She is inspired by local business owners like Steph Davies, owner of The Waxwing, and local photographer Sara Shaffer. When speaking about Sara she said, “I admire her because she is a business lady through and through and built up her business as a “side gig”. She works full time during the week and still manages to pull off photography sessions and weddings on the weekend and edits like a mad woman during week nights. She has an amazing way of capturing people candidly. She is detail oriented and extremely organized. A powerhouse of a photog. 

You can find Kayla eating at Blue’s Egg, Odd Duck, or Wolf Peach when she leaves the studio for a breath of fresh air. She enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and her neighbors who have turned into family. She, like many Wisconsinites, also has a deep rooted love for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers or not.

Are you looking for fun holiday gift? I’m partial to her Bloody Mary ornament and countless Wisconsin pillows that are strewn about in my home, but check out Kayla’s website and follow her on Instagram at @shopbetimeless to give her some local love.  I am so excited to feature her as the first of many stories on How We See MKE.

Have you seen Foodie Flight & Fab Flight on Instagram? Coming next week, my interview with Jettset Local’s Katelyn Carlisle.

A special thank you to Editor-In-Chief Ciara Beckers for always keeping my grammar in check.

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